Final Demonstration

  • Dates07.02.2024 – 08.02.2024 (Wednesday and Thursday)

  • Place: Runehamar TunnelÅndalsnesNorway 

  • Use Case – Tunnel scenario (radioactive material transportation accident):

The use case envisions deploying a system in road tunnel incidents, where risks include contamination from transported radioactive substances and limited access due to factors like smoke, high temperature, and tunnel construction. In the initial stage, a swarm of UGVs with Sensor Integration Units will assess the incident area and transmit data wirelessly to a Tactical Command tool. This tool will create a comprehensive operational picture for command and control, integrating data from UGV units. Computational tools will then use this data to estimate threat maps and deploy countermeasures, with the output visualized in the Tactical Command tool. The dispersion engine in the toolkit will display calculated dispersion models of radioactive material based on collected hazard data.

Contact person: Anna Wieczorek

Mail: Phone: +48 510 085 074