In recent years, the threat of terrorist attacks in the European Union has been growing. Even though finding new methods to effectively fight terrorism is one of EU’s top priorities, numbers show that the problem still remains.

EU-RADION is a novel solution in CBRN threat detection and elimination. The EU-RADION project is a joint operation of 8 European institutions with varied fields of operation ranging from research facilities, through academic entities, to governmental bodies. The members of the consortium are focused on developing a novel system for CBRN threatdetection and elimination that is set out to significantly improve thecapabilities and safety of the first responders and emergency responseteams.


High-level objective 1 – To cover selected capability gaps of European firstresponders and CBRNe practitioners indicated in ENCIRCLE catalogue and IFAFRI study by development of relevant technologies,

High-level objective 2 – To enhance situational awareness of firstresponders/CBRNe practitioners during preparedness and response missions,

High-level objective 3 – To boost European CBRNe market innovativeness and support its competitiveness,

High-level objective 4 – To showcase the operational EU-RADION solution to first responders, CBRNe practitioners and European stakeholders in relevant conditions.

The implemented solutions will feature tools based on RN sensors, wireless network of sensors, swarm of UGVs, dispersion modelling, adaptable positioning module, data fusion algorithms as well as decision support system.

With a unique combination of multiple detection technologies, various sensor applications, and novel software, the EU-RADION system is bound to revolutionise the CBRN threat detection market and significantly improve the safety and efficiency of the emergency operators.