The Central Laboratory of Radiological Protection (CLOR) has performed initial radiological tests of new EU-RADION prototype devices made by AIRSENSE Analytics. Calibration was a necessary part to improve the quality and reliability of devices. In close contact with CLOR, the AIRSENSE Analytics R&D team is working on the further development of prototypes.

Prototypes of units
Gamma tests
RTG tests

The next units are currently in preparation for integration/testing at ITTI and CLOR. Those units represent the result of the second development stage. Corresponding to the first performance report from CLOR improvements regarding the position of the detectors are made, the energy calibration capabilities are added, the signal processing is improved, algorithms for peak detection and first processing strategies for nuclide identification are included.

Implementation of wireless communication and the power supply is currently being performed. The integration of the GPS units from TMS is also a target. Those units will be handed over to ITTI/CLOR at the end of February or the beginning of March.

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